So, what are the Honey Badgers all about?

Who are We?


What makes us special?

We first came together under a cause to promote more teamwork and objective oriented game play in ALL games. Since our humble beginnings on Facebook we've grown as a family and a strong supporter of fair gaming!

We are NOT a clan. Everyone in the community gets to speak their mind and we all help make decisions for the community.

There are no ranks or officers. Admin's and Moderators are here only to facilitate the smooth operation of the website, TeamSpeak and gaming servers.

You're not forced to come and post on the forums or join us on Team Speak. Of course this is always awesome when our members do this, but its not a requirement.

We have members from all around the world. From Australia and Canada to Greece and Egypt. We welcome everyone no matter the country they are in.


How we got our start...

It all started with a thread on the Battlefield Play 4 Free forums (closed since the game shut down) called 'About Lone Wolfs' discussing the 'Lone Wolf' mentality of the type of player who never gives up trying to play the objective and cap the flag no matter what. Even when all his team mates sit and do nothing to help their team!

After this subject was discussed at length on the forums, it was noted that the term 'Lone Wolf' sounds too negative, so it was decided that this type of player isn't a 'Lone Wolf', but a Honey Badger!!!

The Honey Badger or 'Ratel' is a tenacious small carnivore that has a reputation for being, pound for pound, Africa's most fearless animal despite its small size. It is even listed as the 'most fearless animal in the world' in the Guinness Book of Records. Excerpt from

Yes, this is the one with the awesome narration by Randall Honey Badger video on YouTube


You want to be a Honey Badger?

First Register with Enjin if you don't already have one.

Once that's complete you'll see "Join Site" in a few different locations (Easiest place to see it is the top right hand corner).

When that's done the admins will be notified automatically that you wish to join the website as a Guest. As soon as an Admin see's the notification and approves it you'll be able to see the Guest Forums (more info below)  We are currently an invite only Gaming Community, you will need to be recruited/sponsored by a Honey Badger member to be able to apply for membership.

Ask yourself, "Am I a team oriented player?!" If you ARE, you are in the right place!

Get on Team Speak and say hello! If you don't have Team Speak you can find how to download it here at Once you have it installed come join us!
So, when you make your application these are important things to remember:
You must meet our minimum age requirement. You will be notified if you meet this AFTER we have received your application.

No former hackers, known stat-padders or glitch abusers!You must read and agree to abide by all the rules and regulations we have prior to applying to be a member. You must know our Server & Forum rules, Code of Conduct and the Honey Badger Oath.

It is also advised that you brush up on Honey Badger History 101. Info HERE.